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Your Group Deserves The Best:

Professional Historical Interpreter vs. Weekend Hobbyist


There’s more to history than funny hats and knickers from a catalog–and there’s more to entertainment than period clothing and a history degree!  There are a lot of historical wannabes out there, from iffy hobbyist  ‘re-enactors’ who can quote history (but can’t make it interesting),  to embarrassing   part-time dress-up entertainers who don’t have the knowledge to make history come alive.  It’s your event–and we know you want the best.

Yes, our professional interpreters know they are a cut above the herd–they are renowned for dressing in tailor-made, carefully researched and crafted hand-sewn period attire—NOT ill-fitting or wrinkled rental costumes–but their greatest asset is their ability to tune the depth of their professional historical knowledge to the people they are with, and to seamlessly socialize in character with any group completely in the ‘first person’–as  their period character –speaking completely  off the cuff and on the fly with any and all guests–without having to refer to a memorized, set speech–and with not a single false or embarrassing note!

How is this possible?  It’s easy–when you hire the best.  Our historical interpreters have the breadth of knowledge, the skills, the experience, the desire, and that twinkle in the eye that makes history jump right off the page–just as if the actual Sam Adams, Abigail Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere, George Washington, Jack Tar the Sailor, or a host of other characters, musicians like the glass armonica, fife & drum corps, 18th century violin/flute duo,  craftspeople, or colonial soldiers/Minutemen had been invited to your function as guests, and walked straight out of a time machine and into your event. They bring the humor, gossip, insider stories, wit, wisdom, and passion of the past into the lives of your guests.

The bottom line?  Our historical  interpreters will astonish you with the care and detail of their period attire–and enthrall and entertain you with their  in-character performances. They look great but they sound even better!

We are Historical Entertainments–a 21st century group of Educated, Committed, Skilled, Experienced and Elite Professional Living History Actors with a spark that will enchant you.  But when you meet us in character, you might just wonder where we hid our time machine….